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October 12, 2015

Oris W. Dunham Jr. Joins the Trex Aviation Systems Board


San Diego, CA, Oct. 12, 2015---Trex Enterprises Corporation announced today that Oris W. Dunham Jr. has become a director of the Trex Aviation Systems board.   Mr. Dunham is a world expert on airports and the aviation industry with more than five decades of experience. He currently serves as Chairman of the Foundation for the American Association of Airport Executives.

After a career in the Air Force and a 10-year stint in aviation engineering and sales, Mr. Dunham was appointed Director of Aviation for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  He then moved on to Deputy Executive Director for operations and administration of Los Angeles Department of Airports, and finally was appointed Director of Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport.  He was the first appointed Director General of the Airport Council International out of Geneva, Switzerland.  Mr. Dunham now operates an aviation consulting and development business internationally.

“We are honored to have Mr. Dunham join us as we focus our efforts on growing our aviation technologies and solutions,” said Kenneth Y. Tang, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Trex Enterprises Corporation.

Trex Enterprises is an international leader in millimeter-wave imaging, radar and high speed communications. Trex Aviation Systems, a subsidiary of Trex Enterprises, has developed FOD Finder™ based on millimeter-wave radar technology that has been evaluated and reported by FCC with perfect detection capability day and night under all weather conditions. FOD Finder™ has received FCC waiver to operate at the airport.

Trex Aviation Systems is the only company that has FOD detection systems to cover the entire airport surface area. The fixed FOD Finder™ system detects and identifies foreign object debris on runways enabling airport maintenance crews to safely protect airplanes and avoid tire damage while keeping the runways clean. The truck-mount mobile FOD FinderTM   system can run up to 30 miles an hour for FOD detection and removal on runway, taxiway and other areas at the airport.

“Trex Enterprises Corporation and Trex Aviation Systems are exciting companies with important cutting-edge technologies and products unique to the aviation industry which will make air transportation safer and our U.S. military stronger,” said Oris W. Dunham Jr.  “I am excited to embark on this new opportunity and look forward to sharing my experience with such a strong technical team.”

About Trex Aviation Systems: 
Trex Aviation Systems was established in 2005 with the goal of identifying sources of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on airport surfaces using technology derived from its parent company Trex Enterprises Corporation.  We leveraged the extensive experience in millimeter-wave radar systems for wire detection aboard helicopters from Trex Enterprises.  As a result, Trex Aviation Systems developed a core product line that specializes in the protection and safety of airport operations—the FOD Finder™, a robust solution to FOD detection and control on airport surfaces. (www.fodfinder.com)

About Trex Enterprises Corporation:
Trex Enterprises Corporation (Trex) is a diversified high-technology company specializing in cutting-edge technical solutions and products to improve performance across the electromagnetic spectrum. We have developed a strong base of proprietary technologies in microwave sensing, high resolution imaging, digital signal processing, applied optics and materials. Our fundamental business strategy is the development of dual-use technologies.  We receive U.S. government support for programs relating to the defense, homeland security and force protection needs of our Nation and allies. We advance the creation of new business ventures and subsidiaries through our commercial incubation strategy to address market needs.  To date, we have created six ventures backed with outside equity participation.    Established in 1978 as Western Research Corporation, we operated in San Diego, California. From 1988 until 2000 we were part of Thermo Electron Corporation (NYSE: TMO), a Fortune 400 company.  In 2000, our employees bought ThermoTrex’s R&D division and became Trex Enterprises Corporation.  Today we are a privately-held company, with headquarters in San Diego, California and facilities in New Mexico, Hawaii (Honolulu, Kauai, Maui) and Massachusetts. (www.trexenterprises.com)

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