AIR Boss™ Digital Airfield Management


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spacerAIR Boss™ Digital Airfield Management Part 139

  • Enhances Safety, Efficiency, Situational Awareness

  • All Part 139 Checklists

  • Electronic Documentation

  • Easy to Use Touch Screen

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AIR Boss™
Digital airfield management system is an interactive part 139 airfield inspection system with additional features to help airport leadership manage trend analysis and Safety Risk Assessments (SRM). Lost revenue from aircraft fuel/oil spills can now be recovered with documentation and chain of custody from detailed photos and tracking data. A key tool for minimizing risk increasing productivity of inspection personnel.

Runway Incursion Prevention System warns drivers of oncoming runways, restricted areas and ILS boundaries. Our system monitors the driver's response to warnings and uses both visual and audible warnings to improve drivers situational awareness on high hazard areas.

Voice warning system verbalizes sensor detection, warnings and information from all onboard systems to increase the operators situational awareness and reduce workload.



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