Detect and Collect Airfield Debris Before It’s an Incident

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FOD Finder™ XM

xmThe FOD Finder™ XM system is the only certified mobile FOD detection system approved by the FAA.  The millimeter wave (MMW) radar system operates at day and night and in all weather conditions.  The 78-81 GHz band does not interfere with airport communications, aircraft navigation, or surveillance systems.  The XM system is designed to detect and catalog foreign object debris located anywhere within the designated boundaries of the airfield under surveillance.  With the optional vacuum system, the FOD Finder™ XM system becomes a single device solution to
aid in the detection, identification, cataloging, retrieval, and documentation of FOD on airfield surfaces.  With the optional scissor lift accessory, the FOD radar can be automatically raised during operation and returned to its stowing position inside the bed of the truck to avoid low clearance hazards and following a FOD run.

With an intuitive Touch Screen interface that visually and audibly notifies system operators on detected debris, the FOD Finder™ XM system is easy to operate and requires minimal operator training.  The secure data server will catalog, maintain and track geotagged FOD detections to identify airfield problem areas and support Part 139 compliance for database reporting.

With the ability to detect FOD at a speed of 30mph (50km/h), the FOD Finder™ XM system can cover the entire airfield over a variety of surfaces in a short period – reducing inspection time and improving airport efficiency for aircraft use.

xfFOD Finder™ XM: The Only Solution
for Mobile FOD Detection

FOD Finder™ is the only certified mobile FOD detection system approved by the FAA with 100% detection capability in all weather conditions (DOT/FAA/AR-11/12).  FOD Finder™ has received an FCC waiver to operate the low power radar system on airport locations (FCC 2013-18013).

FOD Finder™ is a revolutionary technology tool used by airports in the combat against the estimated $4 Billion U.S. dollars in damage and loss of aircraft utilization.  Designed to assist airport personnel in the detection, retrieval and cataloging of runway debris and identifies areas of FOD accumulation over time.

FOD Finder™ sees through rain, snow, fog, haze, sandstorm desert and nighttime conditions where finding and removing hazards is mission critical.  Limited system downtime with little to no maintenance required.  FOD Finder™ is robust and can operate on a variety of airport surfaces.
Maximizes airport efficiency by reducing runway downtime for inspection, improving the airport logistics and operations.  FOD Finder™ XM can operate at speeds up to 30mph (50km/h), reducing runway closures.  Sustainment costs of system upkeep are minimal.

Key Benefits:

  • Thorough inspection and recovery of FOD

  • Only mobile system to be FAA certified

  • FOD Finder™ can be operated at speeds up to 30mph (50km/h)

  • Less runway closure time – increased efficiency for aircraft use

  • FOD detection in all weather conditions including: rain, snow, fog, haze, sandstorm, desert, and nighttime environments

  • Airfield digital mapping displays of runways, taxiways, and ramps

  • Restricted Area Warning System (RAWS): Customizable logic in FOD Finder™ system to warn operators of approaching runway and critical boundaries

  • Geotagging and logging of FOD and surface discrepancies for retrieval and tracking of FOD accumulation and runway/taxiway deterioration

  • Mobile office system (AIR Boss) for archival of FOD data, safety inspection reports and discrepancies, and airfield asset management

  • Secure data storage with proprietary locks on access to information

  • Data download is compatible with most asset management programs

  • Radar unit is durable and dependable with little to no maintenance costs or operational downtime

  • Easy to operate Touch Screen interface

  • Minimal training required


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